Meet the Band

The Re:Creation Worship Band
(The Artists formerly known as "The Passion Rock Opera Band")

Jeremy Cauble
Worship Leader/
Lead Vocals

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, during my high school years, I played in the band yoU-Turn that covered many popular songs of the day, including Third Day songs. I grew to love their style of music and their interpretation of scripture into song, and I have followed their music ever since. For us, the Passion Rock Opera ( helped launch a vision for reaching a new generation through a worship service like Re:Creation.

Having a heart for missions and outreach, both locally and abroad, I consider the Re:Creation service to be a prime opportunity for outreach to the community. I believe that each person will be affected uniquely by the worship experiences, each in his/her own way, allowing God to speak to them individually and bring the Truth to life.

Bonnie Roberts

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Phil Roberts

Mitch Edmonds
Lead Guitar
Bass Guitar

My life was a whirlwind for quite some time. I spent time on the road with a sound company as well as playing guitar and bass in a few bands. I did all of the things that went along with the Rock scene. I ran from God for many years.

Sometimes I wonder how I am still here. Little did I know that all the time I was running from God, He was preparing me for things like this. I am most comfortable serving behind the scenes, but God never asks us to do anything we cannot handle. Sometimes He has to knock me in the head but I usually get it….eventually.
The Re:Creation worship service is an awesome way to express the message of the Cross. The message of the Cross never changes! If you ever wondered or never quite got it, if rock and roll is your music of choice, this might be in a language you can understand, this might be exactly what you have needed!

Mary Keltner
Worship Leader/
Lead Vocals

A preacher’s kid, I grew up in a household of eclectic musical tastes. The family’s album collection included everything from Beethoven to Black Sabbath, and I grew up loving many styles of performing. I knew I wanted to sing.

Eventually, God called me to use my passion for music to glorify Him. Yet, even as I studied classical performance, I retained my love for all things that rock. Later, my work with young people reaffirmed my belief that there is a need for music that offers hope. This is one reason why I love the Re:Creation worship service: It rocks, and it offers the hope so desperately needed in the world today!

Jon Cauble
Bass Guitar

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Mark Simmons
Lead Guitar

Nate Morgan

Kimi Taylor
Lead/BG Vocals

Having a father that worked for the military, I had the opportunity to live in and visit several countries - but bouncing around got old, so when we finally moved to Winston-Salem, I said I was staying put. And I did. I went to highschool here, then Wake Forest (also here), and now I work here. I love Winston, but most of all I love being close to my family (aren't you glad I didn't move away, Mom???).
Other than my job - which seems to take up a good chunk of my time (go figure?), I love running, reading, shopping, singing and being extremely sarcastic (i.e. witty and charming).
As for my singing life, apparently I've been a singer since the womb (my mom says she felt a strange buzzing, i.e. me humming, when she was pregnant). However, the first time I came home in 7th grade saying I had gotten the leading role in the school's musical, her first words were, "Can you SING?!" I guess it all started from there. I did several musicals thereafter, and had two acapella groups, one in high school, one in college. I also sang in church choir, but this is the first time in a "REAL BAND"! I've been at College Park since the beginning of the year, and can't think of a better church to be involved in. I love everyone here, and can't wait to share God and music with the world!

Ramon Smith

I can’t really remember my life without music! I began playing in rock bands at age 11, and have been connected to a band, or music, ever since. In high school I played in a band called Crickle Wood Greene; in college with a local band named Factor Zero; in grad school, I toured with Daybreak while producing a nationally syndicated radio rock show, and worked as a studio musician.

As a father of two, I’ve tried to stress the value of music in personal expression, and my son has continued in the “family business” of percussion/ drumming.

For the last several years APB has been an important part of my ministry, as we seek to make the timeless message of Jesus relevant to every generation!
The Re:Creation worship service incorporates high energy music that tells the timeless message of Jesus' saving grace and leads us to worship the one true God who gives us life...and life eternal!